Quick Questions and Answers

General Questions

Q. What is Arise Virtual Solutions?

A. Arise is a US based company, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau that provides clients (large, medium and small corporations in the U.S., Canada and UK) with round-the-clock customer service, sales or technical support from over 25,000 certified Client Support Professionals (CSPs) within the Arise Network of Independent Businesses. Meaning, Arise offers you the opportunity to work your own hours and can earn from $9 to $16 an hour depending on which client they service. As a CSP, you set your own schedule and choose your own client opportunities. Arise has a robust network to assist you in fixing technical or logistical issues pertaining to the customer service you provide and reward and recognize accomplishments, milestones and performance.

Q. How did the Arise business model originate? 

A. Arise was founded in 1994, originally as a partnership between Bell South and the State of Florida to provide opportunities for disabled individuals. A pioneer of crowdsourcing through work at home customer service, Arise has remained committed to only providing virtual business process outsourcing services. 

Q. What industries and clients does Arise currently service? 

A. Arise provides an extensive array of outsourcing contact center services across such industries as e-Commerce, Technology, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, and Automotive. many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as for many top brands that consumers interact with on a daily basis.

Q. How does Balancing Life LLC. and Arise Virtual Solutions’ affiliation work?

A. Balancing Life, LLC  is an independent business within the Arise Network of independent businesses. Client Support Professional will join our existing corporation affiliated with the Arise Network (IBO #65404) You will receive paperwork via email or US mail to start your contracting process.  Client Support Professionals will be allowed to view available client opportunities once they have completed the enrollment process and are encouraged to express interest in a client within 30 days of joining the corporation.

Q. How long before I can start servicing Arise clients?

A. Once you have completed all the admissions steps, your next step will be to enroll in a client certification course of your choice. Courses may take between 2-10 weeks depending on the client selected.

Q. Will I be paid for the time I spend in the client certification courses?

A. Arise does not compensate its Independent Business Owners for the time Client Support Professionals spend in client certification courses as it considers that the knowledge obtained while attending the certification course will benefit the CSP.  Some clients offer a paid training for a portion of training.

Q. What type of services can Client Support Professionals provide for your clients?

A. Our inbound or outbound call types may include any or a combination of the following: sales, customer service, technical support and lead generation. Once you become a Client Support Professional, you can check the “Opportunity Page” on the portal to learn about the client programs and call types available.

Q. Can I have another job while I provide services for Arise clients?

A. Yes!! You have the freedom to work for other companies while you provide services to Arise Clients. However we do expect our Client Support Professionals to honor their scheduled commitments to our clients and meet all performance standards.


Q. Why is a National Background Check required and what are the deciding factors in passing?

A. Arise and its clients have high integrity standards and, thus, no one can become a Client Support Professional if they are convicted, pled guilty or pled no contest to a felony or certain misdemeanor charges (such as fraud). Some clients have more stringent standards with respect to being eligible to service their particular account. Most traffic violations do not constitute a disqualifying event. The request is submitted to the search partner via the Web. It can take up to  two-business days to receive the results. Six states require additional background information checks. The six are California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, South Dakota and Vermont. The cost of the background check is factored into the certification course.

Q. What will cause me to fail the background check?

A. Applicants with the following elements on their background check may not be accepted:  Felony Records: Any records with dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest / nolo contendere, adjudication withheld/ deferred adjudication / probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant, or that have been negotiated down to a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor Records: Any records that are classified under any of the following elements:• Theft / Common Theft (of any kind)/shoplifting• Possession of drugs• Prostitution• Vandalism• Obstructing justice• Disorderly conduct• Assault / Battery• Breach of the Peace• Computer Crimes or breaches. If you have any records involving the above with dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest / nolo contendere, adjudication withheld / deferred adjudication / probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant, you will not pass

Q. Can a Client Support Professional who moves to a different state still service client applications?

A. You may continue to provide service as long as you are located within the United States and have access to broadband internet connectivity.

Q. Can I use the wireless network in my home to complete the admissions process?

A. Wireless networks are not supported within the admissions process. In addition, as a Client Support Professional (CSP) you will not be allowed to use any wireless connections to provide service to you client applications. Please see the Technical Requirements Page for additional details.

Q. What is the cost for the Arise admissions process?

A. There is no cost to access the portal and see the client certification listings. Client certification programs range from $19 to $149 and are payable to Arise. All prices and fees quoted are subject to change. Some may vary by state or vendor.

Q. How often will I have to pay for training?

A. A CSP should only be responsible for training costs 1 time, if they enroll in a year round opportunity.  If a CSP wishes to service more than one client or multiple opportunities with the client, the CSP will be responsible for the costs of each client they wish to service.  If a CSP enrolls in a seasonal opportunity, the CSP will be responsible for the training costs of any opportunities after the seasonal position is over.

Q. Will I receive any bonuses with this position?

A. Balancing Life LLC. does offer bonus incentives to CSP's. Clients also have bonuses that are occasionally offered to CSP's.

Q. Are there any other incentives to inviting others to join the Balancing Life LLC team?

A. Yes. - We have a referral program where current and active CSP's can receive bonuses for referrals to our team along with Client Support Personnel of the Quarter Awards and other contests.

Earning Potential

Q. How long is it before I can begin earning money with Arise?

A. The Admissions process can be completed in as little as two days! and certification courses required to service a client can take between two days and several weeks to complete. Once the Client Support Professional has joined the corporation and obtained the certifications, the Client Support Professional will begin earning income by servicing that client.    

Q. Can a Client Support Professional provide service on a part-time basis and service more than one client application?

A. To maintain proficiency Client Support Professionals service each of their clients each week as specified in the Statement Of Work. However each client’s minimum weekly hour requirement varies.  
Q. How many hours can I work?

A. You can work as many hours as your client allows per the CAP. However, there is a minimum amount of hours per week required under the terms of the Statement of Work (‘SOW”) on most client applications. Arise has hours for CSPs to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hours available for a specific client will be outlined in the Opportunity Announcements you receive once you complete the Admissions Process.

Q. Are we responsible for our own taxes?

A. Yes, as a contracted CSP, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year from Balancing Life LLC

Q. How will I be paid, how often and what are the fee's ?

A. CSP’s are paid via direct deposit,  Every CSP’s will receive compensation twice a month We have a low IBO fee of $50.00 per invoice (which includes the $19.75 Arise Fee) All bonuses and rewards earned from your chosen client are 100% yours.